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 2017-May - Sumner Crossing        



Fairfax County Supervisors
Dan Storck       Mount Vernon District (District Map)    
Pat Herrity       Springfield District        (District Map)
Sharon Bulova Chairman of the Board               
Virginia State Delegates
Dave Albo       42nd District (District Map)               - Retiring 2017
Vivian Watts   30th District  (District Map)

Virginia State Senators
United States House Representatives
Gerry Connolly 11th (District Map)
Barbara Comstock 10th
Don Beyer 8th        
School Board Members
Karen Corbett-Sanders - Mount Vernon District - -
Elizabeth Schultz          - Springfield District - -
Ilryong Moon                 - At-Large - -
Jeanette M. Hough       - At-Large - Seat Currently Vacant
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