Membership Information

Membership dues for the South County Federation (SCF) are due and payable on the first of January of each year or upon admission as a member. Dues for members admitted after October of each year shall be credited for the following year. Any SCF member that fails to pay its annual dues by April 1st of each year shall be terminated automatically from the federation.

South County Federation Endorsement Letter from Supervisor Dan Storck click here
South County Federation Endorsement Letter from Supervisor Gerry Hyland click here

SCF Membership Options:

  • Permanent Association Membership $50.00
  • One Year Association Membership $25.00
  • Indiviaul Memberships
  • Permanent Individual Membership $20.00
  • One Year Individual Membership $10.00

Checks should be made payable to South County Federation.

Membership Application

Download SFC Membership Application here.

The SCF membership application must be completed and returned along with your payment of dues. Annual membership dues are due April 1. Please provide the following information with your application: e-mail addresses and a telephone numbers. This will assist us to better communicate with our members and the communities severed.

Completed membership application and annual dues may be delivered in person to the SCF Treasurer, or mailed to:

South County Federation
Attn: Membership
P.O. Box 442
Lorton, Virginia 22199
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